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Tarmac Cemscreed

We are proud to announce that we are licensed installers of Tarmac Cemscreed. Cemscreed is an enhanced binder that allows finishes to be applied early. The premium for this product is small in comparison to other manufacturers.

Underfloor Heating Supplies

ADH Flooring Ltd have recently secured Underfloor Heating supplies from Reliance Water Controls Ltd - one of the UK’s leading UFH manufacturers.


The feedback we get from our customers and clients, though always very positive, helps us to improve the work we do. Because every bit of work we do is treated as though it was done at our own home, we always do a top quality job. Our customers are always very happy with the resulting floor. We get feedback, through our customers, from tilers, joiners and kitchen fitters who say they can’t believe how good the screed is and it is the best they’ve seen. It is true we do a top quality job, but we accept that there are other top quality floor screeders that also do a quality job. However not all companies will do such a quality job.


RELIANCE MANA 450 512   - 12 port manifold and blending kit


RELIANCE MANA 450 502   - 2 port manifold and blending kit


RELIANCE UFHC 970 302 Mixer / Blender with A Rated Grundfos Pump

Pert-Al-Pert 16mm Barrier Pipe

Pert-Al-Pert 16mm Pipe

Pert-Al-Pert Barrier Pipe


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Floor Screeding & Underfloor Heating Contractors

Floor Screeding & Underfloor Heating Contractor. Quality Floor Screeding Contractor. Quality Floor Screeding. Screeding. Underfloor Heating.

Welcome to the ADH Flooring Limited Web site. Our aim is to provide you with useful information about our company and the screeding services that we supply.

ADH FLOORING has been supplying screeding services to the building industry since 1990 and became a limited company in 2007. We specialise in traditional sand & cement floor screeds, and use many specialised admix products to enhance the floor screeds..

We also supply, and install, high quality underfloor heating systems. The UFHS can be fully controlled with the use of a smartphone or tablet device. You may be pleasantly surprised how little it may cost. Check our ‘Complete Package’ example to the right of this page. We love underfloor heating and wish every home could have it. So we try to make it affordable to all.

Thank you for visiting.


Underfloor heated floor screed at luxury new build in Derbyshire.


Modern staple and clip-track fixing system with Pert al pert barrier pipe


Underfloor pipework covered with Tarmac TRUscreed with PP fibres.

This was done in a new hair salon in Nottingham.

Traditional Screed on UFHS

Contrary to much speculation, traditional screed is very suitable to undefloor heating. It can be modified to reduce drying times dramatically and has a very good adhesion levels to tile adhesives. This means that tiles can be applied using just a good flexible adhesive for underfloor heating systems. Because traditional screeds, are normally laid to be about 50% thicker than flowing / liquid screeds, they are able to hold more heat allowing for a smoother transition between heating periods. This also eliminates ‘cold spots’ between the pipes, which are normally placed at approx 200mm centres, in a modern thermally efficient home. Having cold spots in your underfloor heating can be quite disappointing. Cold spots will appear where the screed is thin and where thermal conductivity is high, such as a thin flowing screed. Because the anhydrite flowing screed is expensive, the only way to keep costs down are to apply the flowing screed thinly. This can cause problems when there is any irregularities the the concrete slab below.

Just because a thicker traditional floor screed may not be as thermally conductive as a thin anhydrite screed, doesn’t necessarily mean that the underfloor heating system will be less efficient. It just means that the warm-up and warm-down times will be slightly longer. It may just mean that the heating on/off times might need to be set 5-10 minutes earlier. Some recent reports show that tradtional screeds are more thermally effective than flowing screed. 

Thermal Mass

Many Eco-homes rely on thermal mass to store the heat energy throughout the day. This may be done with the use of a wood burning boiler or ground / air source heat-pump powered, or part-powered, by solar energy. The thicker the thermal mass the more energy can be stored throughout the day. If thermal mass heat storage is what is wanted to be achieved, then it would be best to start with at least 100mm of early, or fast, drying traditional fibre-screed.

Drying Times

Many people confuse drying time with setting time. Most screeds are set hard enough to walk on after two days. The drying time is the amount of time it takes for the screed to be dry enough to apply floor finishes. Some traditional screeds are dry enough, to apply finishes, within 24 hours but also come with a premium. Others are dry enough for floor finishes after approx two days and are much more cost-effective. Standard screed dries at about one day per millimetre. It would be advisable to get your screeding works done as early as possible, to save on costs, normally this is as soon as the building is watertight. This can seriously reduce the cost of your floor screeding package. It must also be said that the screed will need to be protected from any other wet trades spillage. Flowing screeds dry at a rate of about 1 day per millimetre at best, but are normally applied thinner which can lead to the screed drying between 35 - 50 days. All comparisons, of flowing screed and traditional screed, done by flowing screed applicators, use the worst technical data of a standard 1:5 traditional screed. It is best to keep an open mind on any type of screed you use, as both can have their advantages.

Expansion Joints

With traditional screeding any expansion joints can be cut into the screed during laying, this will leave both sides at the same height and it can be done very straight indeed. If the screed is going to get a tile finish it is best to work out where a tile joint will be and that any joint should fall within that line.

The Pitfalls of not using a quality screed installer

You would expect that all screeding work is the same. Unfortunately many screeds are done quite poorly and leave a very unsatifactory result. Many of the pitfalls are list below:-

Mix - If the mix is done badly the end result is going to be bad too. Do not accept a screed mixed in a drum mixer of any sort. The end result will be a ‘load of balls’ literally! We only use premixed fibre-screed or site-batched using a forced-action screed pump.

Compaction - The screed needs to be laid with a lot of downward force using an aluminium straight-edge. If the a lot of holes in the screed have to be filled with the plastic float the end result wont be too good. A badly compacted screed may break-up in a small amout of time. Any holes in the surface of a screed probably indicates poor compaction. If you believe this is the case, it would be advisable to have your floor hammer-tested by an independent technician prior to having finishes installed. The hammer always bounces off screeds done by us, as they are very highly compacted, with results varying between 0.0 and 0.2mm. Any reading over 3mm is a failure!

Level - An out of level floor is an awful thing to have in a nice home. We use a Water level or a Rugby laser level. Our screeds are typically done to a tolerance of 3mm throughout a full house.

Surface Regularity (SR) - Surface regularity is the part that makes your floor tiles or wooden flooring look the part. If tiles were laid on a poor SR floor, without smoothing, the result would be diabolical. Luckily floor tilers will try to level up the screed as much as possible prior to fitting tiles, though this is a time consuming job. Tilers don’t have to do this on our floors, just as they should not have to. \you would be hard pressed to be able to fit a 2p piece, under any part of a 3m straight-edge, placed anywhere on a floor that we have screeded. This dramatically reduces tile adhesive and the tilers time on any tile installation.

Finish - The finish of the floor screed doesn’t necessarily need to be that tight on a floor that is to have a tiled or wooden floor finish, but if the floor finish is to be vinyl, resin or carpet, an open texture could be detrimental. For a vinyl / carpet finish a poor finished screed may need to have smoothing compound applied. Resin may need to have extra layers done. ADH Flooring Ltd leave a very tight finish and much of our work is powerfloat finished, giving the tightest finish possible.

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Underfloor Heating Controls

Complete Underfloor Heating and Floor Screeding Package for 100m2. Inclusive of 7 port Chrome manifold, 500m of 16mm Pert-Al-Pert pipe, 7x Watts Actuators, 6x Heatmiser PRT programmable LCD room thermostats, Heatmiser UH3 wiring centre and 75mm of traditional fibre-screed done to the highest standard, within 150 miles of Worksop, Nottinghamshire for:- 

3,375.00 + VAT for PRT

3,450.00 + VAT for PRT-TS

3,750.00 + VAT for PRT-TS WiFi

See below:-


PRT Programmable Room Thermostat.            Click image to go to our online shop

37.50 + VAT


PRT-TS Touchscreen Programmable Room Thermostat. Click image to go to our online shop

55.00 + VAT


PRT-TS WiFi Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat for iPod/iPad/iPhone control.   Click image to go to our online shop

109.00 + VAT

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