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Underfloor Heating Services

Underfloor heating design, supply & installation

At ADH Flooring Ltd we will design your UFH to its specific heating requirement using our UFH CAD software.  This allows us to test if the UFH will be balanced.  Many plumbers and heating engineers who don’t follow a design accurately, or don’t even have one, may find that the UFH system fails to work as expected.  With us designing the UFH is all just part of the service that our customers receive.

New build underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is very convenient and efficient in modern homes, especially in kitchens and Conservatories.  Many observations estimate that underfloor heating will save 30 - 40% over radiator type central heating systems.  Underfloor heating eliminates wasted walls where radiators sit and also reduce much of the draft associated with the convection of radiators.

Underfloor heating conversion

Many homes are suitable to be changed to underfloor heating i.e. if the floor is made up of floor boards on timber joists on the ground floor. If the building is built on footings with a substrate concrete slab laid between walls, this may still be suitable, but hard work is going to be involved. Some old buildings floor build up is tile on sand, which is possibly the easiest to convert to underfloor heating. Alternatively, if there is sufficient height, it may be possible to build up an underfloor heated system on top of existing floors. ADH Flooring Ltd will design, supply and install underfloor heating systems and supply & install insulations & floor screed.  If your property is a new build house we charge VAT at 0%. So if we supply & install your underfloor heating system & screed, we can deliver, your electronic controls at the best price with no VAT.

Lewis Deck flooring system

Underfloor heating works best if there is a thermal mass such as floor screed.  For this reason UFH on suspended timber floors may not always give good results.  If the heating system is to be air or ground source, UFH on a traditional timber suspended floor may not be able to achieve the right amount of heat output.  With Lewis Deck will remedy this situation as it spans the suspended floor joists and can be fitted with a resilient strip to control accoustic vibration below.  Once fitted underfloor heating pipes can be clipped to the deck and a 55mm anhydrite screed applied.  This has the bonus of making the suspended floor solid and thermal mass and conductivity within the screed and metal deck.

UFH CAD Design

For pricing for we will create a draft copy of the UFH pipe layout.  This allows us to get a handle on exactly what is required to complete the works.  This way our prices are fixed estimates rather than guestimates.  The final layout will differ from the draft drawing but will use the same amount of pipe.
ADH Flooring Ltd Underfloor Heating & Floor Screeding Contractors

Lewis Deck UFH

The image above shows the Lewis deck installed by ADH Flooring Ltd.  As you can see the Pex Al Pex UFH pipes have been clipped to the deck using Split fixings and pipe track.  The  tripods have been set and the anhydrite screed is about to be poured.
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